TaxiDraw is a taxiway editor for FlightGear and X-Plane. Screenshots
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TaxiDraw is hosted by:


January 20, 2010 - Mac binary of latest CVS development available.

A MacOS X v10.5 or later (Intel only) binary snapshot of the CVS tree as of August 2009 is now available in the download section, thanks to Tatsuhiro Nishioka.

November 25, 2005 - Mac package of v0.3.2 available.

A MacOS X package of version 0.3.2 is now available in the download section, thanks to James Turner. Please note that this will only work on Tiger, NOT Panther.

August 16, 2005 - TaxiDraw 0.3.2 released.

Version 0.3.2 adds support for X-Plane v810 data format, and a few other minor feature enhancements and bug-fixes.

Changes from 0.3.1:
August 16 2005 - TaxiDraw is now hosted by SourceForge.

TaxiDraw has now moved over to SourceForge. Currently the web site has moved - CVS and mailing lists will follow shortly.

March 24, 2005 - TaxiDraw 0.3.1 released.

Version 0.3.1 is primarily a bug-fix release. Several serious bugs in the X-Plane format exporter have been fixed - all users should upgrade.

Changes from 0.3.0:
Jan 6, 2005 - TaxiDraw 0.3.0 released.

Version 0.3.0 is a major new version with new or improved features.

Changes from 0.2.x:


The current version is 0.3.2. Downloads are available as a pre-compiled windows binary, or as source, including a makefile and MSVC6 project file. libcurl and wxWidgets are required for compilation - wxWidgets versions 2.4.x and 2.5.2 are known to work for version 0.3.2, and version 2.6.x should work with the latest CVS code. The latest development code can also be checked out of CVS, instructions are here. Note that the CVS version may contain new bugs or experimental, unworking code - most users should download the latest released version, currently 0.3.2.

Development Snapshot Binaries

MacOS X 10.5 or later (Intel only) August 2009 CVS snapshot (courtesy of Tatsuhiro Nishioka):

v0.3.2 Binaries

Note about v0.3.2: Airport->Load Raw Airport (Ctrl+A) is depreciated - use File->New (Ctrl+N) instead. They both did exactly the same thing, so I decided to remove one!

Windows Binary (With Installer):

Windows Binary (Zipped):


MacOS X (Tiger only) package (courtesy of James Turner):

v0.3.1 Binaries

The following contributed binaries are all currently version 0.3.1 - I'll update the links as new binaries of the latest release become available.

MacOS X package (courtesy of Andrew McGregor): Update 25/11/2005 - this link appears to be broken, but the package might still be on the site somewhere.

IRIX Binary:

FreeBSD Binary:

Sun/Sparc Binary:

The IRIX, FreeBSD and Sun/Sparc binaries are provided courtesy of Martin Spott. A list of packages required to run these binaries can be found at:

The open-source X-Plane and FlightGear airport and navaid database can be downloaded from Robin Peel's site at


The latest development source code of the project is held in a version control system on SourceForge's servers called CVS. TaxiDraw's developers have access to write to this system when they wish to update the code. Anybody may download the latest development code from CVS by using anonymous access. Note that the CVS code may contain new, unfixed bugs, unstable code, and code that might do damage to your system (although we hope not!). It is not necessarily code that we consider ready to roll up into a release for users. With those provisos out of the way, here are the anonymous CVS instructions for checking out a copy of TaxiDraw:

cvs -d login
Enter a blank password (just hit return) when prompted for a password.
cvs -z3 -d co TaxiDraw

To compile the CVS code:
make install

To synchronise your CVS checkout with the latest code:
cvs update -dPA
(from the TaxiDraw directory created during the initial checkout).

Note that the commands are case sensitive, and that the SourceForge anonymous CVS servers are notoriously flakey - if you get an access denied or unknown server error please don't blame us, just try again later!


The author would like to thank both Microsoft Research and the United States Geological Survey for making the USGS aerial photography freely available at

Thanks are due to Martin Spott for making an IRIX binary available, and to James Turner and Andrew McGregor for making MacOS X packages available.

Thanks to Sourceforge for hosting the project.

Credit is also due to all those who have reported bugs, suggested fixes and sent in patches - Thank you!


The following links are all directly relevant to the TaxiDraw project:

The FlightGear open-source multi-platform flight simulator:

Robin Peel's X-Plane aviation (airport and navaid) data pages:


Several mailing lists are hosted by SourceForge for discussion of various aspects of TaxiDraw. All require (free) subscription to join - this is purely to keep spam off the lists.

Taxidraw-devel: this list is for discussion of TaxiDraw development.
Details here

Taxidraw-users: this list is for discussion of TaxiDraw use.
Details here

Taxidraw-cvs: this list receives automated emails tracking commits to the CVS by developers. Please do not post to this list! Replys discussing any of the commits should be directed to the taxidraw-devel list.
Details here

If you would rather not post to a public mailing list, offlist mail can be sent to daveluff AT ntlworld DOT com with "taxidraw" somewhere in the subject line. I try to reply to all relevent mail, although I have been known to miss a few (sorry!), and can't guarantee a prompt response.