TaxiDraw Keyboard Reference

Taxiway Movement

J,K - Rotate Taxiways anticlockwise, clockwise.
Modifiers: SHIFT - Faster rotation, CTRL + SHIFT - Slower rotation

D,F,R,C - Move Taxiways left, right, up, down.
Modifiers: SHIFT - Faster movement.

Taxiway Editing

T Insert a taxiway.

L, SHIFT+L - Increase, decrease the length of a taxiway.

O, SHIFT+O - Increase, decrease the width of a taxiway.

Taxiway Selection

TAB, BACKSPACE Cycle selection forward, backward through the list of taxiways.

Z - Display an ordered list of taxiways.

Numpad 9,3 - Scroll ordered list up, down.

Numpad 8,2 - Move selected taxiway up, down in order (requires ordered list open).

View options

F4, F5 Zoom in, out.

S Toggle solid shading.

M Toggle markings.

F3 Toggle lighting.

F6 Toggle lurid colours.

CTRL+B Toggle background image.